Neil Gaiman Delivers Killer Keynote at London Book Fair.

April 20, 2013 in Books, Writing

Neil Gaiman, who is always on the cutting edge of new media, urges publishers to take a more “dandelion” approach to e-publishing.

Here’s an excerpt. Watch the whole thing below…

“Mammals spend an awful lot of energy on infants, on children, they spend nine months of our lives gestating, and then they get two decades of attention from us, because we’re putting all of our attention into this one thing we want to grow. Dandelions on the other hand will have thousands of seeds and they let them go where they like, they don’t really care. They will let go of 1,000 seeds, and 100 of them will sprout”

Top Ten Storytelling Cliches Writers Need To Stop Using

April 8, 2013 in Writing

Great list by Rob W. Hart at Lit Reactor

Cliché is the enemy of good writing.

We, as writers, are trained to kill clichéd phrases in sentences. But that’s not the only place they can hide—they can infect the spaces between the words, too.

Clichés can infect storytelling techniques.

Need to build some tension? Have a time bomb with a digital readout slowly ticking down to zero!

Is your narrator a dick? Blame it on abusive parents!

Want to get all writerly in conveying the plot? Put it in a dream!

These are storytelling devices that pop up again and again, crutches for the writer to lean on and help move the story along without actually having to stretch their abilities. What follows are, to my mind, the worst of the bunch.

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