New Parkour Gym for Wannabe Secret Agents… and Data Runners???

May 1, 2013 in Data Runner, Parkour

This is awesome! There’s a brand new parkour gym in Bushwick called the Brooklyn Beast that teaches the art of movement to people who secretly yearn to be secret agents and the like. Hopefully there’s be more gyms like this popping up all over the country. I can just envision a whole bunch of kids reading DATA RUNNER and then (literally) running right over to sign up for lessons.

Click here for NY Post article

The Data Runner Coming Soon (05.14.13)

April 5, 2013 in Data Runner

I wish I had one of those clocks to count down the days, minutes, hours, secs. In lieu of that, I’ll just tell you that The Data Runner is on its way. Drop date: 05.14.13.

Will Post cover the minute I have it.